Brad *****
  You interested in having dealers? I am in Jefferson County. I love the product by the way. Good work. Just let me know  
Ben *****
  I recently got a couple of your magazines from a friend. I am nothing short of very impressed. I ran about 25 rds. at high speed with no issue. Keep up the good work! "Live free or die"!  
Matt *****
  I just wanted to tell you guys that your product is absolutely awesome! I have owed Magpul and Hexmag. I think your magazines are way better on price and utilization. I'm a Iraq veteran and I love the fact that these mags work so well in my AR's. Thank you guys so much. I will definitely tell people about your product.  
John *****
  Hi, I just wanted to drop a note and tell you how pleased we are with the mags we purchased at the Birmingham Gun Show a couple of months ago. These mags have ran flawlessly through about 500 rounds each using lake city 556. I am impressed with the quality. I have given your name to our local gunsmith and several local police officers. Hopefully they will be in contact with you as well. It is nice to be able to purchase from a supplier in our state. On another note, my son showed everyone on the range line at the new CMP range how to disassemble the mags for cleaning and told him who taught him. Thanks for spending the time with him. He can be quite a handful. Thanks,  
Blake *****
  Just picked up 5 of your magazines. I just want to say thank you. I appreciate what you guys are doing. I love the mags and the price, but most of all I love your simple website and mission, affordable quality products. No muss, no fuss. Keep it up.  
David *****
  first i would like to say that its great to see mags made right here in Alabama. i live in Athens and i bought 5 magazines at Larry's on 565 last week. i really like them. i'm a metal magazine man but when i saw that they are made in north Alabama i thought i would give them a try. pleased so far. may i suggest grooves on the sides for a stripper clip spoon. i use those a lot.  
Eric *****
  Hello. I purchased a couple of your magazines in Birmingham at a gun show a month or so back. I'm pleased with the product, and am curious what the costs are to get a few more of them?I am looking at between 3 to 20, depending on how many of my friends want some as well. Thanks for your time and making Alabama/USA made products. -Eric  
David *****
  I recently bought 2 mags from patriot arms in fort Walton Beach Florida. Ur mags r flawless. I'm from Alabama so I wanted to support local small business. Keep up the good work, and the good prices.  
Mark *****
  Today, I saw and purchased 5 AR mags from Larry's pistol and Pawn in Huntsville, AL. I was not familiar with Toolman Tactical, but seeing they were made in AL, I wanted to support your operation. Looking forward to trying them out. As a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, I want to thank you for what you do and wish you the very best. Once I have tried these out, I will spread the word to friends, recommending your product.